Thursday, June 2, 2011

so my sweet life exploded into a billion pieces which i now am trying to madly paste back together into some semblance of normality

since my last post my 25 year marriage burst into flames and died a horrible death. sadly i found out that this was my dream, while his dreams centered more on a girl of childbearing age. while i struggled over the next few months, i realized that far from being the end of the world, that it was a new opportunity to create a life that suited me. i finally would be free of the horrible burden of trying to make him love me again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

peonies from midsummer in front of cottage

lilacs that bloomed right after I moved in-spring 2010

Living my Dream

After six long years, I am at last here, where I want to be. First, we left everything in Florida behind so that we could be back in Maine where my heart is happy. Northern New England fills my heart with a kind of peace that I tried desperately and could not find in Florida. It is a lovely place if you love heat, humidity, and flat land as far as the eye can see. I, on the other hand, love mountains, forests, and four seasons a year. So first we moved and into a very small city and lived in a radically undersized apartment on the seedy side of town for nearly five years to save a cash down payment for our wee cottage in the woods. It's been six months now, since we bought our cottage and sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize that it is indeed real. The cottage in Maine was the foundation of the dream, being surrounded by trees, and cottage flowers, and a garden were part of it. The next important part of my dream was to write more, meet writers from all over the world, take writing classes, go on a writing retreat and maybe one day one of the mystery writers conventions. Little by little my dream is turning into my real life and I couldn't possibly be happier.